Data privacy: what every business needs to know – Elite Business

Every business needs to take great care when handling data on individuals. The past few years have delivered a whole host of challenges when it comes to secure data management. In this article, we’ll talk about the current most pressing remote working data concerns, how to keep employee data secure in an ever-changing business environment, why data is so important, what small businesses’ responsibilities are and how technology can help you with data compliance.

Not just about customer data

Some people mistakenly think that they only need to focus on customer data such as names and addresses. However, protecting employee data is also essential, as is shielding sensitive business information from prying eyes.

What challenges has remote working thrown up?

Remote working has created a whole host of security challenges. Video conferences are often recorded, and there are also big concerns about instant messages which could compromise the security of sensitive information.

Companies generally adept at protecting customer data

Most small businesses have the know-how and experience needed to protect customer data properly at this stage. Many companies are using third-party tools such as Mailchimp which do much of the data protection for them, and they know not to store customer data on spreadsheets. However, some small businesses are still falling behind when it comes to protecting employee data.

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