Expert Data & Privacy Predictions For 2022 – Tech Round

Nigel Cannings, CTO of Intelligent Voice

“I think there are four major areas on how we can help manage data privacy in 2022. The first of these is with Edge Computing. A lot of processing that could only be done in the cloud can now be done locally and on-device. Image and speech processing are two areas in particular which can now run on high-end mobiles with computing capability.”

“Next, we have the advent of confidential computing thanks to advances in cryptography which means data can be encrypted by clients, passed to the cloud, and processed in the encrypted domain. This bypasses the need for cloud processors to “see” the data as it is passed in, which is what happens currently.”

“As well as this, there is encrypted search – a corollary of confidential computing. Encrypted search allows data not only to be processed in the encrypted domain, but it can also be safely stored and searched there, under the control of the client – not the cloud.”

“My final prediction concerns European Sovereignty. Many companies, particularly large banks, are worried that by moving to the cloud, usually under the control of US companies such as Microsoft or Amazon, their data may come within the web of US law enforcement (the US CLOUD act applies in an extra-territorial fashion). We need to see the rise of a European player to take on the hegemony of the US and Chinese cloud providers.”

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