An intelligent approach to Fraud Detection

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Fraud: It’s a war of words

LexiQal fortifies your contact centre with it’s patent pending behavioural analytics platform. Leveraging STT output, LexiQal exposes fraudulent behaviour from the first call, orchestrating with your existing fraud detection solutions to provide an end-to-end fraud management strategy.

Sound advice

LexiQal’s explainable decision support has been designed from the ground up to meet stakeholders’ demands for privacy, security, algorithmic transparency and tuneable risk tolerance. Via third party applications and BI tools you are able to Interpret and understand the LexiQal output as it supports enhanced decision making across your business.

The voice of the customer

Finding the right balance between customer service and robust fraud detection is not easy. Undue scrutiny of genuine customers leads to an increase in the total cost of fraud as friction is added and ultimately genuine customers are pushed away. LexiQal empowers your contact centre agents to concentrate on serving your genuine customers needs whilst it seamlessly monitors for fraudulent behaviour.

Speaks of effectiveness

False positives hinder CX and add unnecessary burden to your fraud team. LexiQal’s low and tuneable false positive rate allows you to set and review your fraud risk tolerance.  Straight through processing of genuine or low risk customers is enabled and the total cost of fraud further reduced.

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