Help us help you

We use selected recordings from our office phone system to improve our Intelligent Voice product.

We are able to identify the caller based using our speaker detection (biometrics).  We’re currently developing this to deal with certain types of vocal anomaly such as people deliberately obscuring their voices.April Fool

To assist with this, we’d like people to make a couple of test calls to the office today, in which you deliberately obscure your voice, for example by using a fake accent. 

If no-one is available, please feel free to leave a message for later analysis.

You can reach us on +44 (0)203 627 2670


EDIT: Many thanks for all of the responses. It was indeed a prank to celebrate 1st April. Only one person really fell for it, and he should have known better.

But if you are interested in knowing how we can use voice biometrics to help you clean up metadata and deal with the pesky “unknown caller” issue, do use that phone number – And yes, we do record our calls!