The IV Approach to Identification

One degree of separation

IV provides a comprehensive set of APIs to create, manage and test biometric identities. Based on a CNN/RNN neural networking system with hierarchical clustering, you can connect any system that generates audio stream and use to start to manage and search biometric identities.  But please, buckle up:  They are not fingerprints, so always use at least one more authentication route if you are using voice.

Saving your Voice

Voice is probably the single most personally identifiable piece of information that any company holds.  We let you manage your security with edge-based deployment, data centre or your own private AWS or Azure setup

Practice your Scales

IV’s biometric system uses CPU or GPU to prepare and present its results.  Because of its “cloudy” architecture, IV allows you to architect your system to use the best array of available resources, be that on-premise, or in your private cloud setup.

Joy to the World

Because your biometric profile is matching the physical characteristics of how your body generates sound, IV does not care which language you are speaking:  It just cares about how you speak it

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