Intelligent Voice extends the availability of its Audio/Video Player for Relativity.

Previously only released to users of Intelligent Voice’s market leading transcription service, anyone who needs a media player for Relativity now has access to the Intelligent Voice Player for their audio/video data. 

It is now available for untranscribed media of any amount, across the entire Relativity user base including health care, education, greener transport, environmental protection, and social and racial justice.  Intelligent Voice is providing licences for this player at no cost. 

The Intelligent Voice Audio/Video Player combines player controls with a navigable waveform that includes an elapsed time axis, which acts as the native view of audio/video files in any Relativity workspace it’s been deployed into.  The player is available for both Relativity Server and RelativityOne. 

The Player not only enables users to navigate to an elapsed time in a recording via the waveform, but also:  

– Skip through any irrelevant speech encountered 

– Skip past any silence or non-speech noise altogether 

– Listen to any relevant speech encountered more quickly  

– Listen to any difficult speech encountered more clearly  

Viewer with Intelligent Transcription and Topics

Duration determination and corruption detection are also included for Relativity Search Sets.  Media file durations can be listed in your preferred format or formats in the Document List, for example both hh:mm:ss and also numeric decimal hours, minutes or seconds. 

The dedicated User Guide for the Player also includes a separate documented Intelligent Culling process to avoid loading collected media that will not be of evidential value.      

There is no need to transcode most formats of media files, or to link your Relativity to any Intelligent Voice account, to begin enjoying faster productivity for audio and video files of any amount, for free, across any and all cases and workspaces.   

This latest offer from Intelligent Voice Limited is in addition to the free trial for transcribed media already available for RelativityOne in the US, and the pro bono use for transcribed media for Relativity Justice for Change projects to positively impact racial and social justice in our communities. 

If you are interested in Intelligent Voice Player please get in contact with gary.cahalane@intelligent-voice.test