Intelligent Voice Gains Patent for Gen AI Fraud Detection

Over the last decade, we have witnessed an alarming 56% escalation in global fraud, which now burdens the global economy with an untenable cost of 4 trillion dollars. Many of the current countermeasures, predominantly reliant on meta data or voice biometrics, prove insufficient, capturing only a fraction of repeat offenders.

Accurate detection of fraudulent behaviour can only be achieved by capturing context, reliable decisions must be explainable, they must be fair and unbiased. Experienced investigators have long relied on Forensic Statement Analysis and cognitive interviewing discipline to shine light on an individual’s account of an event. These skills can take years to master, meticulously examining behavioural features of speech that correlate with credibility or a lack there of in someone’s account of an event. These features are evidenced where a person wilfully uses non-committal or distancing language. When they fail to align themselves to the events by dropping pronouns or they take unusual pauses whilst they weigh up their responses. Whilst proven to be highly effective the use of these techniques outside of law enforcement has historically been hampered by the labour-intensive nature of its application.

In collaboration with Dr Julie Wall from the University of East London, the commendable contributions of her team, and with the financial backing of Innovate UK, we’re proud to unveil a revolutionary invention that streamlines the Forensic Linguistic Analysis process. This advanced system boasts cutting-edge speech-to-text and diarization technologies, functioning at faster than real-time speeds. Moreover, it integrates a collection of specialized language models that precisely detect behavioural markers, contextualizing their relevance to specific questions. A standout feature is its modular design, producing a detailed audit trail that guarantees transparency, comprehensibility, and full GDPR compliance in its decision-making.

We are excited to be delivering this solution to our innovating Insurance partners now. While originally engineered for the insurance sector, its application is not confined to this sector; its potential benefits extend across a spectrum of industries within the financial and law enforcement domains. This recently patented solution underscores our unwavering commitment over the last four years to push the boundaries in Behavioural Conversational AI.