Intelligent Voice Signs Strategic Alliance with Navigant




Intelligent Voice Signs Strategic Alliance with Navigant


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Belia Ortega, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

London, 23rd October 2017 – Intelligent Voice, a leading specialist in voice and analysis solutions, is delighted to announce its new strategic alliance with top global professional services firm, Navigant

“We are delighted to be working with Navigant,” says Ben Shellie, CEO of Intelligent Voice. “They provide state-of-the-art technology solutions, including e-discovery, forensics excellence, and deep information security capabilities required to address today’s most complex data challenges. For us, this type of full-service, highly-secure service provision is vital to protect today’s demanding clients.”

Says Richard Chalk, Director of Global Legal Technology Solutions for Navigant “Management and review of audio has become a major headache for a number of our clients. Intelligent Voice offers a solution that can be easily integrated into almost any workflow, and provides ultra-fast accurate processing in a small footprint.”

The new strategic alliance will allow rapid and effective deployment of Intelligent Voice for regulatory and investigative matters, in particular a deep integration with leading review tools such as Relativity.  Intelligent Voice offers a suite of review capabilities using speech-to-text, phonetic indexing and biometric search.

Intelligent Voice offers a suite of review capabilities using speech-to-text, phonetic indexing and biometric search. Intelligent Voice provides cloud-level accuracy from an on-premise solution for clients who do not want data processed using public cloud providers.  The solution also ensures compliance with existing and future data privacy regulations including GDPR.

About Intelligent Voice®

Intelligent Voice Limited is based in London, San Francisco and New York.  The company has over 25 years’ experience of delivering mission critical systems in the financial services industry, including to several of the world’s top 20 insurers and banks. Through innovations such as the SmartTranscript® and GPU-accelerated speech recognition, Intelligent Voice allow companies to understand their businesses better, with a key focus on unlocking the value in telephone and meeting room audio. For further information about Intelligent Voice, please visit https://intelligent-voice.test

About Navigant

Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: NCI) is a specialized, global professional services firm that helps clients take control of their future. Navigant’s professionals apply deep industry knowledge, substantive technical expertise, and an enterprising approach to help clients build, manage, and/or protect their business interests. With a focus on markets and clients facing transformational change and significant regulatory or legal pressures, the firm serves clients in the healthcare, energy, high tech and financial services industries. Across a range of advisory, consulting, outsourcing, and technology/analytics services, Navigant’s practitioners bring sharp insight that pinpoints opportunities and delivers powerful results. More information about Navigant can be found at