Introducing Myna from Intelligent Voice

A lot goes on in any business meeting from sharing opinions to brainstorming solutions, sharing tasks, asking questions and so on. To be able to take away what is needed from a meeting, keeping notes is not only advisable but professional. But writing those notes takes you away from the meeting, and anyway, even the best notes only reflect what you think you heard, not always what was actually said.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Myna – the intelligent and searchable permanent record of your meeting. We have designed Myna to make life and virtual meetings better for you by providing an accurate, searchable record of your meeting, direct to your inbox. Myna is built to help everyone in the business sector from professional services to creatives and entrepreneurs who work with teams and need to get more value from discussions.

Myna can take any meeting recording, and give team members and hosts alike access to crisp, clear, and accurate video replays, transcripts and audio of virtual meetings, together with JumpTo navigation and SmartSnap content extraction from slides and other presentation material.

Myna offers benefits such as:

Better collaboration during meetings or calls

When you no longer have to share your focus between understanding what’s been said and writing it down, teams can collaborate better. Myna helps you increase interaction and teamwork.


Common conflicts within teams often stem from confusion on who said what. Myna helps you hold everyone accountable to their words and eliminate vague memories or confusion.


Myna gives you complete control. Even if you are not the host,  Myna offers different ways to record meetings:  Windows users can even start and stop recordings automatically based on what is in their calendar.  These recordings are captured in  your cloud storage, so that you can search or zoom to find important parts of the meeting, and more, in perpetuity

Efficiency and productivity

Accurate recordings ensure you always have the knowledge you need to get to work quickly. It increases efficiency and productivity with the availability of all information in the meeting.

Find it faster

Having a SmartTranscript in your email lets you search through meeting content as easily as an email.  Outlook users can even have a link to the SmartTranscript put directly into the calendar entry.  Using “Alternative Search”, Myna can increase retrieval rates by 30% + because it adds words that the speech recognition engine thinks might be correct into the text for better indexing.

JumpTo it

The patented JumpTo technology extracts the key things that were said in the meeting, and makes them available for quick navigation to what is important in the meeting.  Users of the Myna recorder can also click a “hot button” during the meeting to indicate important events.  Users can set up custom topics of their own, which are searched for automatically and alerted in your email and the SmartTranscript

More than just English

Myna also supports French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

Intelligent Voice is a global and proactive leader committed to providing market-leading solutions. Learn more about Myna and how to get started on making it work for you.