Is VR the future of remote meetings? – Technology Magazine

We’ve all adapted to having meetings in 2D, says Nigel Cannings, but is there a brighter future in VR meetings…

If there is one thing that we have all learned from lockdown, it’s that Zoom-type meetings are exhausting. While the theory is the same as your standard team briefing, in practice it leaves you drained. So, while the future of work might be remote, the future of working is not the videoconference of today. But what’s the alternative?

Why is the current format of videoconferencing so tiring?

Much of the issue with video meetings is the lack of naturalistic cues, together with the feeling of being observed all the time. During in-person communication, our brains use the 7-38-55 rule to decipher the meaning behind what’s being said. Seven per cent verbal, 38 per cent tone of voice and 55 per cent body language. Video calls take away most body language cues, but because the person is still visible your brain still tries to compute that non-verbal language. It means that you’re working harder, trying to achieve the impossible. This impacts data retention and can lead to participants feeling unnecessarily tired.

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