The IV approach to
Legal Audio Review


Native and Intuitive

Our “SmartTranscript” gives you a snapshot view of everything that is important for a reviewer:  Audio, text, key topics and your search terms.  At a glance, you can decide whether a document is responsive or not.  These SmartTranscripts are so portable, they work as “natives” in almost any web browser.  But if you are really lucky and use a system like Relativity, we have taken all of the hard work out of integration and built a viewer already.

As Private as you need

Many providers of speech technology actually send your clients’ data to public internet providers, so you don’t know who is reading it, or even which jurisdiction it is being processed in.  IV can run on a standalone off-network server or in your datacentre or in your own private AWS or Azure cloud environment.  If that doesn’t work for you, pretty soon, we’ll be providing a highly secure SaaS environment managed by one of the world’s leading Managed Service Providers.

Super Quick and Super Small

Because we pioneered the use of GPU technology to turn speech into text, we know a thing or two about getting the highest quality results out of the smallest amount of resources.  We can help you architect a system that will run quietly in the corner and chug through thousands of hours of audio a day, or we can work with you to build your private cloud environment so it only needs to run when you have jobs that need it.

It Speaks your Language

With over 18 languages and dialects now available, there is a good chance that we can handle your language requirements out of the box, even if you have people speaking different languages in the same conversation.  Our “QuickTrain” methodology allows you to adapt your system for each individual case you work on, to get the very best search and retrieval results, based purely on relevant text data like search terms, emails, names or even Wikipedia.