Intelligent Voice Legal Solutions

Audio / Video Compliance and Discovery to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Why is Intelligent Voice the most popular audio / video discovery solution, deployed by regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies across the globe?

The accelerated voice analysis provided by the Intelligent Voice Player, combined with the accuracy, proportionality and interoperability of Intelligent Voice Retrieval, underpinned by NVIDIA GPU technology, provides the optimal audio / video discovery experience.

"The Dominant Player in Audio / Video Discovery " Andrew Haslam, 2022 eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide Complex Discovery

Intelligent Voice is the only audio / video discovery and compliance monitoring solution to support the entire process from ingestion and transcription, search analytics and active learning, through to redactions and productions of both media and transcripts.  Intelligent Voice eliminates the expense and over-retrieval of legacy phonetic search technologies, and their dependencies on non-intuitive search syntaxes, niche skills sets and alternative workflows.       


End-to-end audio and video discovery

Identify, process, search, discover, review, categorize and redact, quickly and easily, without you or the data ever leaving your chosen review platform. Published case studies and CEO endorsements reinforce Intelligent Voice’s end-to-end audio and video discovery capabilities.

As private as you need

Many providers of speech technology actually send your client data to public internet providers, so you don’t know who is reading it, or even which jurisdiction it is being processed in. Intelligent Voice can run on a standalone off-network server or in your datacenter or in your own private AWS or Azure cloud.

Speaks your language and theirs

Over two dozen American, Asian and European languages are available, with the ability to detect and transcribe language and accent changes mid-conversation. Client deployments monitor every communication, every day, from thousands of monitored users across the globe, with many speaking multiple languages.

The fastest results anywhere

Intelligent Voice's ultra-high-speed GPU powered speech recognition algorithms provide results in a fraction of the time of our competitors and with no loss of accuracy. Clients and partners speak of public-cloud levels of accuracy in private.

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