The IV approach to PCI

Whether present in your legacy calls or real time across your contact centre, managing PCI compliance is essential to safeguard your customers, your brand and your reputation.

IV uses advanced AI techniques to transcribe telephone calls to the highest possible accuracy with a specific focus on number streams, and then targets credit card details to enable them to be securely expunged from the call.

Using IV’s advanced REST-based interface, this can be integrated as part of an existing telephony pipeline, allows audio data to be ingested into the system at scale, returning fully redacted audio and (if required) text.  Redacted data can also be returned in the pat-pending SmartTranscript format.

Simple and Lightweight

Because IV offers a wide range of APIs, you do not need to change your existing voice recording pipeline.  Instead, you can use our built-in transcription and redaction capabilities to take in your voice recordings, and produce “clean” copies to put back into your database.

Manage your security

IV is designed to run in your own environment, be that on the edge, in a data centre, or in your own private cloud.  That way you can manage your own PCI compliance risk.

Super Quick

You want call recordings that contain sensitive data hanging around for the shortest amount of time possible.  Using our advanced GPU accelerated processing, calls can be processed in seconds, lessening your vulnerability.

Speaks your language?

We can offer an out of the box solution for any of our English models at the moment.  However, we offer a framework to enable you to quickly customise this for other languages, just as a number of our partners have already done.

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