Preserving Privacy of Data in the Cloud, Patent Status

Intelligent Voice’s Privacy Preserving Speech Processing (PPSP) a system and method for preserving the privacy of data while processing the data in a Cloud has been granted Patent Status with effect from 7th February 2018.

Cloud Services provide an inexpensive platform for storage and computation of data; however, the Cloud is a public infrastructure and with that comes the need for security to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data. The Intelligent Voice system comprises a computer program application and a client encryption key. Clients use their encryption key to encrypt the computer program application and data. The encrypted data can then be uploaded to the Cloud and the computer program will enable processing of the encrypted data. The processed encrypted data output from the Cloud can be decrypted with the client encryption Key.

Intelligent Voice developed the system and method along with educational partners. Searching through all sorts of encrypted data, particularly audio, using a novel phonetic based technique to bypass significant speed restrictions which are generally found in similar mechanisms is a massive advance in encrypted search.

“One of the hidden dangers of Cloud based processing is that all data must be processed in clear, which leads to major problems around privacy, which the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple are trying to address using anonymization techniques which are only part of the answer. Schemes like our search and encryption guarantee the safety of customer data and voice data”
Nigel Cannings, CTO Intelligent Voice

For full details on the system and method for preserving privacy of data in the Cloud please see our patent application.