The IV Approach to QA

You bring the rules

IV’s QA engine sits between your telephony system and your reviewers.  Using its powerful API, IV glues together your calls and your review process.  Not got a QA process in place?  We can recommend some great front-end tools from our partners that will run with IV out of the box.  All you need to do is define your QA rules in IV, and the system will start to analyse your calls straight away

Whose data is it anyway?

We love the cloud, but we don’t always love the security of public speech APIs.  You control your IV instance, either on-prem, in your data centre, or in your own private AWS or Azure instance.  Need a fully hosted version?  We  have some great partners who can provide a turnkey hosted solution for you, in a secure environment.

Time is money

Call centres are one of the most cost-sensitive parts of any organisation, and the need to get accurate analytics quickly is key to getting the most out of the call centre.  IV’s GPU accelerated processing means that calls can be turned around and analysed in minutes, not hours, giving a much quicker time to value.

We speak your language

Every company has its own unique jargon, be it product names or people.  Out-of-the-box, speech recognition systems do not have the capability to “guess” new words.  IV allows you to add these custom vocabularies quickly and easily, and update them whenever you need. And it even allows you to do it in 18 languages and dialects!

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