The IV approach to Real-Time Alerting

You bring the paddle

IV LIVE is a backend processing engine designed to accept streams of watchwords and audio to allow your systems to receive alerts from live calls. Our partners build solutions around the streaming API to allow them to add real-time alerting to their existing telephony platforms.

Latent Defects

You want your processing as close to your audio as possible, for security and to get it processed as quickly as you can.  IV LIVE can be deployed as a standalone appliance, or in your AWS or Azure environments to give you privacy and speed.

Small Time

Because we are using proper grammatically transcribed text and alternatives to match phrases, rather than just trying to pick out sounds, you need the right kind of processing power to get the right balance between latency, streams and the physical size of the system.  Because of IV’s pioneering work with GPU technology, we can push hundreds of streams through the same physical box, or allow you to auto-scale to infinity in AWS or Azure.

Say it with 花卉

With 18 different languages and dialects to choose from, IV LIVE can understand virtually any customer.  Even better, with the “QuickTrain” methodology, you can build out your own customised language packs for your customers, to get to know them even better.

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