IV for eComms Surveillance

Let your data do the talking

No matter the size of your organisation, listening into dozens, hundreds, even thousands of simultaneous calls made by your traders is a near impossible task. Training up a highly-skilled, multi-lingual workforce to do this would be a near impossible task. With IV, we do the heavy lifting using AI based, GPU accelerated speech recognition and analysis to find what is important in your data set, and pass it into your favourite review platform for further action.

IV for Legal

Court, Short

Trawling through audio and video files is one of the biggest headaches facing any reviewer.  First you have to find what you are looking for, then you have to analyse it. Our CTO used to review documents for a living, so he knows what that pain feels like.  IV has come up with a number of innovative ways to use speech technology to make search and review just that little bit easier.  Working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, IV has a solution for you.

IV for Contact Centers

Can you hear your customers?

In an age where the chatbot is getting all the attention, voice is playing an ever increasing role in customer interactions.  Be it for compliance reasons, QA, customer service or self-service, you need to be able to understand what your customers are saying to you. IV presents a wide range of inline and post-call alternatives to help you build the perfect  customer voice experience.

IV for PCI

Only keep what’s relevant.

Even with the rise of internet based credit card transactions, people still use credit cards on the phone.  And if you store those recordings, you should make sure that the recordings are redacted, taking out the sensitive data that could be used to hack into your customers’ financial data.  We offer a range of options from fully managed (like our Zendesk app), to roll-your-own.

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