No cloud server or messaging system is completely secure: Just ask Hillary Clinton. Even though these systems are protected with layers of security, these layers can be hacked. Brute force attacks can crack passwords. MITM attacks using tools like sslstrip can turn secure sessions into insecure HTTP sessions. And outright manipulation of human confidence can […]

We use selected recordings from our office phone system to improve our Intelligent Voice product. We are able to identify the caller based using our speaker detection (biometrics).  We’re currently developing this to deal with certain types of vocal anomaly such as people deliberately obscuring their voices. To assist with this, we’d like people to […]

One of the more interesting uses of Intelligent Voice is in Case Management and eDiscovery. Voice is one of the dark places that litigators fear to tread. It is expensive to transcribe, and expensive to listen to. Often the cost of this is disproportionate to the amount claimed and the other legal fees. And yet, […]

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