No cloud server or messaging system is completely secure: Just ask Hillary Clinton. Even though these systems are protected with layers of security, these layers can be hacked. Brute force attacks can crack passwords. MITM attacks using tools like sslstrip can turn secure sessions into insecure HTTP sessions. And outright manipulation of human confidence can […]

The Intelligent Voice team participated in the latest annual NVidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2016) held in San Jose, California, April 5 to 7. Each year NVidia announce new products and technologies at GTC. This year the focus was on self-driving cars, virtual reality and deep learning. Coinciding with the GTC event, Intelligent Voice released […]

I’m in New York this week, although not at LegalTech 2014 the showcase of “big” legal technology, which has a real focus on eDiscovery. I did, however, have a peek at the agenda, and the the only hint of voice eDiscovery comes in one late afternoon session hosted by a well-known phonetic search company.  It […]

One of the more interesting uses of Intelligent Voice is in Case Management and eDiscovery. Voice is one of the dark places that litigators fear to tread. It is expensive to transcribe, and expensive to listen to. Often the cost of this is disproportionate to the amount claimed and the other legal fees. And yet, […]

Look around any office in most large companies. If you spontaneously detonated all of the Apple-manufactured computing equipment in a 100 yard radius, there is little chance of any damage being done. Loosen your definition to include smartphones, and maybe you will hear a few pops, although it’s probably a personal iPhone while the company […]

Stories in the press about “lurid” e-mails that threaten to bring down the world’s financial community seem to occur almost as often as stories about another Greek bailout. These stories demonstrate to me two things: 1. Companies have a lot of the information they need to sniff out wrongdoing 2. They are not analysing that […]

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