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Our advanced Generative AI technology sets us apart. We utilise the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to ensure the highest quality transcriptions and analysis. Our algorithms are continually refined to offer you the most accurate and efficient results.



Receive and utilise short summaries of entire conversations and the topics discussed to help build a simple understanding of large amounts of speech.

Behavioural Marker Detection

Easily identify disfluencies, temporal lacunae and a host of other behavioural “tics” that can be deployed in conjunction with a rules-based LLM model to help identify fraud and other unwanted behaviours.


Identify and label different speakers in an audio recording using advanced AI-powered clustering technology.

Topic Extraction

Automatically identify and extract specific topics or themes from your data.

Rules-Based LLMs

Guard against hallucinations and false results by imposing strict rules on input and output for a range of Large Language Models (LLMs) to satisfy critical internal use cases.

Language ID

Understand multiple languages from the same call or meeting, to capture “code switching” and loan words.

Easy Tuning

Your organisation’s ‘voice’ is unique: We allow you to quickly adapt models to domain-specific languages, to cope with digital comms, home and hybrid working, multilingual employees and more.

Video OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows speech to text transcription from videos, whether that’s a Zoom call, presentation or a shared screen.

Text & Voice Based Sentiment

AI-based technology uses NLP and machine learning to appraise each speaker in a conversation, tracking changes in feeling and scoring speakers accordingly in alignment with their behaviours in relation to specific topics and themes.


AI powered speech to text, powered by the latest algorithms. We were first to market with GPU accelerated speech recognition in 2014.

Voice Identity Management

Search for people based on voice samples, validate speaker identity, enhance metadata and ensure attribution.

Smart Transcription

Instead of trawling through hours of recorded speech, use Smart Transcripts with searchable features to help identify and locate speech around key topics and themes.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Our AI understands text and spoken words like a human, fully grasping the meaning and human behaviours.

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John Harding

Industry Business Development Financial Services EMEA, NVIDIA

Intelligent Voice are using GPUs to power pioneering speech recognition and enable cutting-edge customer use cases. Large scale, parallel processing of a company’s audio data unlocks an information silo that was previously hidden

Rob Crowley

MD of Anexsys, a Consilio company

We see Intelligent Voice as the leader in audio processing in the legal market, not just in terms of accuracy, but because they really understand the difficulties that audio presents and the user needs. They have worked hard to make audio processing more than just ‘OCR for Voice’, and instead have built the ability to make audio as reviewable as text

Matthew Milone

Director of Federal Operations, CDS

CDS is proud to offer Intelligent Voice’s superior technology to our Government clients within our secure FedRAMP environment. With Intelligent Voice, our clients now have the ability to manage audio files throughout the entire discovery process, from ingestion through to production, including the ability to make redactions of both text and media, in a single secure platform.

Manoj Nayee

Managing Director

Boston is pleased to continue partnering with Intelligent Voice, a leading innovator in speech recognition solutions. Our partnership began in 2012 via access to Boston Labs, providing early access to NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to develop their AI models. Intelligent Voice has been developing an array of innovative solutions on leading-edge Boston GPU optimised systems to convert multiple audio streams to text in real time.

The Rt Hon Dr Gregory Clark MP

Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy - Her Majesty's Government

We are combining our unique heritage in AI with our world beating professional services to put the UK at the forefront of these cutting-edge technologies, and their application. We want to ensure businesses benefit from the application of AI tackling fraudulent claims.

Phil Fry

VP Product Strategy, Verint Financial Compliance

Our partnership with Intelligent Voice has enabled us to provide our customers with a best-of-breed financial compliance platform that solves the challenge of unstructured data monitoring and can oversee all communication channels of the modern user. We value this partnership as Intelligent Voice brings unparalleled expertise in voice and analysis solutions, helping Verint solve the compliance challenges of world-class financial institutions around the globe.

Marianna Vintiadis

Co-Founder & CEO, 36Brains

Due to our highly technological nature, we are always looking for innovative solutions to reduce investigation time as well as improve output and results. The partnership with Intelligent Voice allowed us to transcribe thousands of hours of conversation in different languages at breakneck speed, an amazing feat that demonstrates just one of the capabilities of this new technological trajectory.

Hal Brooks

CEO, HaystackID

By partnering with Intelligent Voice, HaystackID can provide a full end-to-end audio discovery process in Relativity. Combining Intelligent Voice’s optimized voice retrieval and accelerated audio review with Relativity’s conceptual analytics and visualization capabilities has enabled HaystackID to deliver successful outcomes for complex, time-sensitive matters for some of the largest financial and banking institutions.

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