The IV approach to Fraud Detection

Fraud: It Is a War of Words

The voice channel is used extensively by fraudsters for vishing and social engineering to enable account takeover and illegal exfiltration of funds. Enhanced cyber defences, in non-voice channels push fraudsters back into traditional channels.

Finding the right balance between customer service and robust fraud detection is not easy. Undue scrutiny of genuine customers leads to an increase in the total cost of fraud as friction is added and ultimately genuine customers are pushed away.

Voice Biometric enabled authentication e.g. ‘my voice is my password’ and/or voice biometric anti-fraud measures alone or in combination cannot deal with previously unknown fraudster attacks, which accounts for the majority of fraud in most organisations.

With a longstanding record of success, the latest solution from Intelligent Voice – LexiQal is here to help arm you and your team against known and unknown fraudsters, from the very first call and to make it the last. LexiQal empowers your contact centre agents to concentrate on serving your genuine customers needs whilst it seamlessly monitors for fraudulent behaviour.

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Intelligent Voice is fully trainable to understand how you and your customers speak quickly. Our “QuickTrain” methodology lets you add context-specific language in a matter of minutes. And best of all, it is available in 30 languages and dialects. Using our “SmartTranscript” outputs, you can let your customers “see” their audio as well as listen to it.
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