The Team

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Colin Foster

Colin Foster

Sales Director

Colin’s career in sales spans back almost 25 years.  He has run major sales operations in the Document Management space (for Hummingbird, now OpenText), and in the insurance space.

He returns to IV after a long recovery following a cycling crash in 2019

Ben Shellie


Ben has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and drives Intelligent Voice  to improve business processes for all of its clients.

Nigel Cannings


Nigel’s 25 year career has spanned law and technology which gives him a unique perspective as client and user.

James Laird


Jim spent 15 years in Specialist Policing before he decided to utilise his skills in a slightly different fashion by heading up our Intelligence and Analytics capabilities at Intelligent Voice. Jim heads our R&D & Partnership teams in counter fraud and security applications of voice technology.

Andrew Burns

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew has worked with Ben Shellie for more than 20 years and is the Company’s direct contact with it’s Financial Advisors and Bankers.

Gary Cahalane

Senior Manager Sales Operations

With a career that’s spanned FTSE100 and S&P 500 companies across Europe, the US, Africa and Asia, Gary leads our business development efforts across digital forensics, legal, policing and security from first contact through to Founder and CEO endorsements and case studies.