UK-Balkan Trade and Security Forum

30th April 2024

The first meeting of the Balkan Trade and Security Forum convened in London England today, hosted by the Embassy for the Republic of  Bulgaria.

Economic and trade counsellor Krassimir Kiriakov for the Republic of Bulgaria and Charges d’affaires  Zlato Bars Dimitrov opened the session.

10 regional Embassies committed to the initiative on the 7th February in the House of Lords this year.

A number of specialist advisers from the National Security and Resilience Consortium supported the forum on the day .

The purpose of the quarterly London based Forum is to:

  • Better understand each others national interests from a London centric perspective.
  • Allow for greater collaboration regarding trade, the potential to share expertise, ideas or innovation of mutual relevance.
  • Forge closer personal relationships across the regions diplomatic world in London thus enhancing communication and potential collaboration.
  • Examine issues similarly affecting the region and wherever possible seek to enhance global commercial advantage for the region, through close collaboration with UK expertise.

A number of outcomes of common interest to all were identified during the series of excellent Embassy presentations.

The representatives look forward to reconvening in the City of London in late June  / Jul to further develop these proposals, which will be hosted by the Embassy of Moldova.

During the session Professor Asen  Asenovc of Glasgow University delivered a thought provoking presentation on micro electronics and why it is a common denominator  for growth and security in the region.

In addition Scott Ingham of Matrix Global provided a brief introduction to an Ai Sourcing tool produced to support the Forum members data and information acquisition  needs within a busy embassy environment. 

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