Use Cases

IV for Compliance

Don’t let your guard down

“Compliance” comes in many forms, but it boils down to making sure that people are doing what they are supposed to, or they are not doing what they are not supposed to. Voice channels give rise a unique challenge, because they are difficult to capture and monitor accurately. IV has developed a number of tools that lets you listen in to voice in real-time or after the event to make sure that your compliance monitoring is effective.

IV for Identification

Who do you think you are?

The sound of your voice can be used to help identify you, either for authentication, or to help prevent fraud by comparing your voice to a database of know fraudsters. “Voiceprints” are not the same as fingerprints, but IV provides you with the tools to build a robust biometric pipeline to support your use case.

IV for Search

The Answer is out there

Whether you need to find something as it happens or after the event, getting the right results from voice data can be tricky. Text search can be too narrow and phonetic search can massively overretrieve. IV offers the best of both, giving you real-time and post-call search access to the “Lattice” – No that’s not the new Keanu Reeves movie, it’s the list of what IV thinks might be the right word when it is afraid it has got it wrong – all the recall of text, and less of the lack of precision of phonetics.

IV for QA

REST-Based Assurance

The modern call centre is constantly under threat from “robots”. But the best customer experiences are still with a well-trained and well-informed human on the phone. How, though, can you make sure that your operators are performing at peak efficiency without having a human listen to every call. Let IV listen in for you: We made one customer 16,000x  more efficient in three months.

IV for Real-Time Alerting

How soon is now?

Highly-regulated and privacy-sensitive environments can’t wait until a call has finished to be alerted on what has been said (or not) in a call.  The ability to detect in real time what is being said by a caller or an agent can prevent a fine, or in some cases, save a life.  IV developed a highly scalable, real-time monitoring system (IV LIVE) for one of the most regulated industries in the world.

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